New Apple iPhone 15 Pro Renders Leaked, with New Mute Button

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iPhone 15 Pro Renders

New Apple iPhone 15 Pro Renders Leaked, with New Mute Button

New renders of the upcoming Apple iPhone 15 Pro are rumored to have been leaked online, and they show a few key changes from the previous generation. One of the most notable changes is the addition of a new mute button.

The new mute button is located on the right side of the phone, just below the volume buttons. It is a small, circular button that is flush with the side of the phone. When pressed, it will mute all sounds coming from the phone, including calls, notifications, and alarms.

The addition of a new mute button is a welcome change for many users. The previous method of muting the phone, which involved turning on Do Not Disturb, was often inconvenient. Do Not Disturb can also be accidentally turned on, which can lead to missed calls and notifications.

The new mute button is a more convenient and foolproof way to mute the phone. It is also a more intuitive design, as it is located in a place where users would expect to find a mute button.

In addition to the new mute button, the new iPhone 15 Pro renders also show a few other minor changes. The camera bump is slightly larger than on the previous generation, and the phone appears to be slightly thicker. The overall design of the phone is similar to the iPhone 14 Pro, but with a few minor tweaks.

The new iPhone 15 Pro is expected to be released in the fall of 2023. It is rumored to feature a new A16 Bionic chip, a 6.1-inch OLED display, and a triple-lens rear camera system. The phone is also rumored to start at $999.

It remains to be seen whether the new mute button will be a popular addition to the iPhone 15 Pro. However, it is a welcome change for many users, and it is a sign that Apple is listening to feedback from its customers.

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