Blackview W60 2.01-inch 900mAh LED Flashlight Campass Outdoor Smart Watch

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✔ 2.01-inch Big Screen
✔900mAh Battery, Up to 30 Days Usage
✔Built-in LED Flashlight & Compass Function
✔Heart Rate & Oxygen Monitor

Color: Black

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Blackview W60

Big Hero in Bluetooth
Calling Rugged

Bigger 2.01" Screen, Bigger 900mAh
Battery, Bigger LED Flashlight!

Why Choose Blackview W60


The World's First Rugged Smart Watch with LED Flashlight


High-Quality, Ultra-Stable Bluetooth Calling Tech


The Largest 2.01" Super-clear Display & Longest 900mAh Battery Ever


Smarter, More Functional, More Personalized



Working in Extreme Conditions


Withstand up to
7KG of Pulling Force

All-new Colorfast

IP68 Waterproof
& Dust-proof

Capability of up to 7kg

Up to 5m DeathBroke Drop-proofness

Built-in LED flashlight

Always in the right direction

Salt Spray & Alcohol &

All-new Colorfast Oil-filling Craftsmanship

The fonts on W60 are manufactured by an all-new oil-filling process, providing outstanding salt spray resistance . Therefore, whether you are sweating profusely at the gym, or cooking in a smoky kitchen, you don't need to take off the W60. Even alcohol or cosmetics will not easily fade its bright fonts, ensuring its durability.

Anti-Fingerprint & Anti-Impact
Even for Sharp Objects

Thicker PANDA@ Glass

Thicker PANDA@ Glass is more durable and can effectively resist scratches and accidental collisions. Occasional bumps and knocks will not have any impact on W60’s understated body. Meanwhile, the anti-fingerprint technology makes the screen less prone to fingerprints and smudges, keeping it clean and enhancing elegance and sophistication.

30% More Robust Structure

Withstand up to 7KG of Pulling Force

The sturdy watch strap and case of the W60 allow it to withstand tensile forces of up to 7kg without damage . Therefore, when you are weight lifting at the gym, rock climbing, or participating in other strenuous activities, you don't need to worry about the watch getting snapped off. It will continuously and reliably record your heart rate and blood oxygen levels, becoming a powerful assistant on your adventures.

Water and Dust Won't Stop Us

IP68 Waterproof & Dust-proof

You can be confident that water droplets from handwashing or light rain will not damage the W60 with its up to 10-meter waterproof. Besides, its IP68 rating ensures complete protection against dust ingress. Whether you are engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling, or cleaning your room, you can be assured that dust contamination will not be a concern.

Sweating in the gym

Splash-proof when washing hands

Meet light rain on the way home

Watch fell into a creek while hiking

Always be Durable

Up to 5m Death Broke

Whether you make a mistake in daily life or travel where accidents may occur, your watch may be damaged by falling from heights or suffering impacts. Equipped with rugged PANDA® Glass and wear-resistant zinc alloy body, Blackview W60 is designed to withstand drops from up to 5m.

* The above data comes from Blackview laboratory, which may
vary due to different conditions.

Knocked off the watch
on the table

Flung the watch off
while jogging

Dropped on the ground
while climbing

Remain Operational From
-30℃ to 70℃

IP68 Waterproof & Dust-proof

You can be confident that water droplets from handwashing or light rain will not damage the W60 with its up to 10-meter waterproof. Besides, its IP68 rating ensures complete protection against dust ingress. Whether you are engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling, or cleaning your room, you can be assured that dust contamination will not be a concern.


Free Your Hands, Light Your Way

Built-in LED flashlight

When it gets dark, the built-in LED flashlight with 3 levels of brightness adjustment helps keep you going. No need to rummage through your bag when you need a torch, Blackview W60’s wrist-based torch is useful everywhere from SOS in twilight hikes to illumination in midnight bathroom runs.

Constant light Mode

Flash mode

Flashlight Button in
International Orange

Press and hold for 2 seconds:
Turn on/Turn off
Press and hold for 2 seconds:
Turn on/Turn off

Find lost items under the bed

Stay visible while running or biking in the dark

Light your way to the bathroom at midnight

Send out distress signals in poor signal areas

It’s Where The
True North


If you frequently find yourself losing direction, it might be worth considering a watch with compass-Blackview W60. No handheld compass is required! Go and explore the world- it’s what you do. Indicate the right direction for you — it’s what we do.



Always Stay Connected

Silky-smooth Operation
on your Wrist

Actions ATS3085L

Blackview W60, powered by Actions Technology's ATS3085L , provides advanced features, extended battery life, and seamless connectivity while supporting dual-mode Bluetooth that separates calls from other data, resulting in smoother operation and lower power consumption.

Smoother Operation

Lower Power Consumption

Higher Frame Rate

More Stable &
Clearer Two-way

Actions ATS3085L

W60 supports dual-mode Bluetooth technology . The classic Bluetooth is mainly used to transmit audio signals while Bluetooth low energy is more suitable for small data transmission. At the same time, by transmitting audio signals and other data separately, the W60 avoids interference between different signals, ensuring more stable and higher-quality calls throughout.

Easier to Answer & Make Calls on your Wrist Even for Emergency Assistance

Higher-Quality Call Dialing & Answering

Do you find it difficult to receive phone calls when you are riding your motorcycle on a mountain road or driving on the highway? Connect W60 to your phone via Bluetooth, and with a simple tap, you can effortlessly answer or reject calls, ensuring contact in every urgent moment.

Make 8 Call Logs and 100 Contact Stored on Your Wrist!

*The Bluetooth Connectivity with up to 10 Meters.

Make an emergency call when
a car accident occurs

Answer calls from lovers
when busy cooking at home

Answer calls from important clients
while taking outdoor exercise

Answer/Make calls while riding
bicycles/motorcycles/driving cars

Keep Talking Without Phone

Built-in Large Speaker&Microphone

Stay connected on the go with hands-free calls directly from your wrist, thanks to the built-in microphone and speaker in W60! Compared to its predecessor, the W60 features an upgraded Triple Magnet Speaker, with three magnetic circuits for high, mid, and low frequencies. Not only does it excel in both high and low tones, but it also delivers a more balanced sound quality.

Voice Control at Your Command

Voice Assistant

Got your hands full? No sweat. Tap and say hi, then use your paired smartphone’s voice assistant via Blackview W60 to get weather updates, set timers, and play music as you like.

Move to the Rhythm of Music

Music Control

Easily control music playback on your phone through Bluetooth connection with W60. Sweat profusely at the gym while syncing with the rhythm of your music!



Our Largest Watch Screen
and Battery Yet

900mAh Battery

Standby>100 Days

Normal>30 Days

Up to 1000nits Brightness

Sharper Viewing Even in Sunlight

100% Charge in just 2.5hrs

Keep up with the Fast-paced Lifestyle

68% Screen-to-body Ratio

Wider 2.01"
Viewing Area


Super-clear Display

Full Touch
Display, No Dead

2.01" Large Touch Display

Don’t fall asleep on life- Blackview W60's expansive 2.01" TFT display guides you into a world of boundless clarity on your wrist. Navigate apps easier than ever with a 44.5% larger screen than its predecessor. Information such as notifications, fitness, and other important messages will be clearly displayed on this vivid screen with 280 x 320-pixel resolution.





1.45× Larger Display

Sharper Viewing
Even in Sunlight

Up to 1000nits Brightness

Backed by W60’s display that boasts up to 1000 nits brightness, whether in bright daylight or dark night environments, you can clearly and easily view the information displayed on its screen. Simply lift your wrist to check missed calls, message notifications, sports status, and more, just like on a mini smartphone.

Charge once and
use for 30 days

900mAh Massive Battery

How long can the smartwatch last on a single charge? 3 days? 5 days? Or even 7 days? Double the battery capacity of ordinary watches, Blackview W60 boasts a high battery capacity of 900mAh, providing up to 30 days of usage on a single charge.

Keep up with the Fast-
paced Lifestyle

100% Charge in just 2.5hrs

It only takes 2.5 hours to fully charge the Blackview W60, which ensures that you will spend less time tethered to a charging cable and more time enjoying the full suite of functionalities that W60 offers. Keep up with your busy schedule, track your fitness goals, or stay connected with important calls and messages.



More Convenient &
Easier Photo Taking

Shake to Control Camera Remotely

With the Gloryfit Pro APP, you can transform W60 into a remote shutter for your phone's camera, which provides unparalleled convenience for taking photos. Whether you are taking group photos or stunning selfies, there is no need to stretch your arm to touch the shutter on your phone. Just gently shake the W60 to easily capture the moment.

Timely Attention
to your Well-being

24-hour SpO2 Monitoring

Blackview W60 is capable of tracking and recording your blood oxygen levels throughout the day . For fitness enthusiasts, seniors, or those who snore at night, monitoring blood oxygen indicators can provide valuable information about the health of your respiratory system, allowing for timely attention to your well-being.

W60 Reports

24-hour Heart
Rate Monitoring

With the advanced VC30F sensor, you can monitor your heart rate more accurately anytime, anywhere, and timely discover potential disease risks. At the same time, sports enthusiasts can also formulate the optimal training plan for themselves by observing their heart rate changes.


Designed to prevent non-biological touches, thus reducing power consumption.

Control Breathing
Rhythm, Increase
Lung Capacity

Breathing Exercise

Simply activate the breathing exercise on W60, and the watch will guide you through scientific deep breathing, helping you better control the rhythm of breathing and relax your body. Especially for professional athletes, breathing exercise can also increase their lung capacity, preparing for the next high-intensity training.

Scientifically Improve
Your Sleep Quality

Deep Sleep Tracking

Blackview W60 professionally interprets the characteristics of your sleep stages by accurately monitoring deep sleep, light sleep, awake time, and other sleep phases, analyzing your sleep quality to help you develop a better sleep habit.

Burn Your Calories!


Always reluctant to exercise and sit all afternoon? A pedometer can record your daily walks and runs and calculate how many calories you burn. It continuously motivates you to carry out daily activities, fosters a healthy lifestyle, and helps you achieve your daily fitness goals.

Satisfy the Need
for Any Sport

100+ Workout Modes

Life can definitely be healthier with sports, but Blackview W60 makes your life much healthier by keeping track of your exercise. With 100+ workout modes like badminton, fitness walking and more, W60 informs you of your running or jumping metrics or more detailed exercise data each time you train for a better body.

Today's Outfit?

Intuitive Weather Widget

Get seven-day forecasts right at your wrist with W60, allowing you to plan attire and activities with ease. Say goodbye to weather surprises and hello to better planning.

Health Matters

Women's Special Day Alert

Blackview W60 cares for women's health by offering special alerts in case you are too busy dealing with daily routines to remember it’s your special day and you need to take care of yourself with more attention.

Menstrual period

Safe Period

Ovulatory period

Check Crucial Messages Promptly

Message Notification

W60 ingeniously incorporates message notification features, ensuring you seamlessly capture communication signals from vital contacts anytime, anywhere. Respond promptly to cherished familial messages or pivotal clients, leaving no room for regrets.

More Convenient Alerts


Customized Watch Menus

Different Styles of UI

Blackview W60 is paired with a highly personalized UI. Go choose from seven different styles of menus as you like.

Six customizable menu lists

Four card switching effects

Feel Free to Switch Your Personality

100+ Multifarious Watch Faces

Blackview W60 comes with 7 exquisite built-in watch faces, and after effortlessly connecting to the app, you can freely download up to 100+ watch faces in any style. Customize your watch to your heart's content and make it as cool as you desire.

Satisfy the Need
for Any Sport

100+ Workout Modes

W60 offers black, green, and khaki three different stylish color options for you. Besides, according to the color you choose, it comes with extra black or green woven straps, meeting your needs for unique fashionable matches in daily life or sports scenes.

Know Your Language

100+ Multifarious Watch Faces

Blackview W60 offers you more ways to localize itself with 15-language support. Whether you are an Italian or a Portuguese speaker, W60 will adjust itself to keep up with you more effortlessly.

Support Languages including:

English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Indonesian, Thai, Malay, Bulgarian

Other Helpful Tools

Little Helpers All along the Journey


Time your training programs or outdoor exercise.


Set a timer before you start baking, training etc.

Wake up the Screen by Raising Your Hand

Raise your hand and you get a woken-up screen already.

Blackview W60
Black watch + Black strap
Green watch+ Green strap
Khaki watch+ Khaki strap
Actions ATS3085L
Screen Size
Typical Use >30 days
Standby > 100 days
Ver 5.3
English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Indonesian, Thai, Malay, Bulgarian