How to use Rugged-Phone underwater camera / video mode?

Boot into the main interface, drop down the status bar at the top of the phone to find the underwater camera menu, and click the underwater camera to enter the underwater shooting mode;

Underwater mode disables the touch screen and the three buttons at the bottom of the screen. All menus of this interface are the default menu of the camera mode. If you need to adjust, please exit the underwater shooting mode and adjust it in the normal mode.

Use the Volume Up button to take a photo or start/stop a video;

Click the volume down button to switch between photos and videos.

Press and hold the volume down button for 1-3 seconds and release the button to switch between the front and rear cameras.

Press the side power button to turn off the monitor and exit the underwater camera.

How to use Phone custom buttons?

This button allows you to open a specific application when you short press , long press or double-click the "Programmable" button.

Boot into the setup menu, scroll down to “Smart” and open the option;

Click short press, long press or double click to enter the setting shortcut operation to open the menu list; (enable recording, flashlight, screen capture, underwater camera, etc.)

Click short press, long press or double click to enter the settings to open the application, set to open any application in the phone;

Note: Only one option can be used at a time.

What does Non-incendive: Class 1 Division 2, Grade A-D, T4 mean?

1. Zone 2 (or Div 2) is a place in which an explosive atmosphere is not likely to occur in normal operation but, if it does occur, will persist for a short period only (< 10hours/year).

2. T4 references the maximum temperature the phone will reach. This phone is rated T4 meaning the phone temperature will not exceed 135° C.

3. Group A-D refers to hazardous gas types.

4. TAMB refers to the upper and lower ambient temperatures the phone is approved for use in and remain non-incendive rated. For Blackview Rugged Phone, that range is -10°C to +55°C

What is the IP and MIL SPEC rating for Blackview Rugged Phone?

IP stands for "Ingress Protection". Blackview Rugged Phone is rated as IP68. The "6" in this rating refers to the dust rating. This phone is rated as "Dust Tight" meaning complete protection against dust intrusion as long as all port covers are properly closed.

The '8' in the rating refers to the phone's ability to be submerged in water. The Blackview Phone can be submerged in up to 1.5m of water for 30 minutes as long as all port covers are properly closed.

The MIL-SPEC rating for Blackview Rugged Phone is MIL SPEC 810G making the Blackview Rugged Phone drop proof to "6" , dust proof (when all port covers are properly closed), and vibration proof (Category 4 – Truck/Trailer – Secured Cargo ).

What is the hazardous area classification for the Blackview Phone?

Non-Incendive: Class 1 Division 2, Grade A-D, T4.

(Do not charge or connect or remove anything to the phone while in a hazardous areas.)

Where can I buy Blackview Phone?

Blackview Phone can be purchased through this Website Store, AliExpress Store, Amazon Store etc.

How do I resolve when Poor Sound Quality is experienced?

There are a number of contributing factors which can affect the audio performance of your device:

The most common cause of poor sound quality is water in the microphone or speaker.

If the handset has been subject to immersion in water then the microphone and speaker may need to dry out to resume normal functionality.

You, or the other person you are speaking with, may be in an area of poor signal. Try moving to a different area.

You may have dirt / debris covering the microphone or speaker. If so, clean your device.

What should I do when experiencing reception / signal issues?

Poor quality of calls:

Please check if the volume of the device is adjusted to an acceptable comfortable level.

When the device is used in areas with poor signal, e.g. near high buildings or in basements, the call quality may be adversely affected.

When this device is used in a high call intensity period, like rush hour, call failure / poor call quality may be caused by network congestion.


If you are in an area of poor reception/signal, you may experience shorter standby time than usual. This is because your device is regularly searching for a better signal and therefore consuming battery.

What do I need to do if “Enter PUK code” is displayed?

Following three consecutive failures to input the correct SIM card PIN code, the PIN code will be blocked and the request for the PUK code will be displayed.

Before attempting to input the PUK code ensure that you have the correct code provided by Network provider.

After ten unsuccessful attempts to input the PUK code, the SIM card will be permanently disabled.

Once the SIM card is permanently disabled you will need to contact relevant body to purchase a New SIM card.

What do I do if “Emergency Call only” is displayed on your Home screen?

This will be displayed if there are issues with the SIM card or problem with your cellular account.

Additionally if you are in an area not covered by your Network Provider.

What should I do if the device displays message "No Service"?

This may be displayed if you are in an area that is not covered by your Network provider, or if you are in an area of poor reception for example an enclosed area.

No service will be displayed on your screen until the situation is resolved by relocating to an area of service.

If this problem persists when in a known good service location, contact your Network provider to ensure there are no restrictions on service or your SIM services.

What does the Message "Insert SIM card" indicate?

This message may appear if your device does not recognize the SIM card.

Make sure that you have correctly inserted the SIM card.

Clean the metal side of the SIM card with a dry cloth.

If the SIM card still not being recognized, please contact your Network provider to ensure the SIM card has been enabled or to check if they have any further instructions.

How can I back up data to an external storage device?

To transfer files from your phone to PC / Mac:

Connect your Blackview Phone to your PC / Mac via USB cable.

On the Blackview Phone notification tray, tap the "Use USB to" notification and select "Transfer files".

The Blackview Phone will now be visible on the PC / Mac.

Open the Blackview Phone via the PC / Mac to explore files.

Copy over anything to the PC / Mac that you wish to back-up.

Note: Alternatively, backup to a MicroSD™ card by inserting one into the Blackview Phone. Copy files to it using your chosen file explorer app.

How do I Clear the cache and browser History?

Launch the Chrome app.

Click the menu icon in the top right (three vertical dots).

Click "Settings".

Click "Privacy".

Scroll down and tap "Clear browsing data".

Select the time range you wish to clear.

Select what data (Browsing history, Cookies and site data, and Cached images and files) you wish to clear.

Under "Advanced" you have further options to clear saved passwords, form data, and more.

Click "Clear data".

How can I transfer data to another device via Bluetooth (for example an image)?

Locate the file that you wish to share on your device.

If you only want to send one item, for example a photograph, tap on it and then tap the share icon.

Select the Bluetooth sharing option.

Choose which Bluetooth enabled device to send the file to.

Accept the incoming file on the target device.

How do I customize the Notifications, sound and vibration for incoming messages?

Launch the Messaging app.

Within the app bring up the Settings menu

Scroll down to "Notifications" section.

Select the "Sound" menu to select the desired sound.

Next to "Vibrate" tick to enable/disable vibration for incoming messages.

How do I know there is a device update available, how do I check I have the latest SW?

NOTE: When a new Firmware/Software is available, notifications are sent out to all Blackview Phone devices.

On the home screen an Icon will show in the notification panel. When the icon appears you can drag down the notification panel and select.

To manually update:

Go to settings menu.

Scroll to the bottom of this screen, and select "System".

Select the "System update" option.

Select the "Check for update" option and follow the prompts.

Note: The device should be fully charged prior to updating the system.

How do I resolve when Poor Sound Quality is experienced following immersion in water?

To reset the device, keep the power button pressed for about 10 seconds / until vibration is felt.

Device will now power on, perform and charge as expected.

How do I improve battery life?

Applications (such as Skype™) that frequently utilize VOIP (Voice over IP) and other data via Wi-Fi or 3G/4G can significantly reduce battery life. Disable any such applications when maximum battery life is desired.

Set the display sleep to a start after 15 seconds of inactivity. To change the display timeout settings: from the home screen tap > Settings > Display >Advanced > Sleep > select a shorter delay time.

Reduce the intensity of the display. To change the display's brightness, Settings > Display > Brightness level > drag the control bar to the left for a dimmer display or right for a brighter display.

Disable Wi-Fi when not using it. To disable Wi-Fi: Settings > Network and Internet > tap the on/off button so it is no longer green.

Make sure your phone has the latest software updates. To check for the latest updates: Settings > System > System update > Check for update.

Stop any unnecessary programs you installed from running in the background by: Settings > Apps and notifications > See all apps > select and disable any apps that you do not need.

Note! Only stop applications that you have installed. Stopping other pre-installed applications may result in poor phone performance or errors.

How do I find my IMEI Number?

This can be found on the outside of the box that you received your phone in and makes up part of the Approval's label.

If the box is not available, type into the device via the keyboard "*#06#" a pop up box will show the device IMEI.

Select Settings and then About phone and then Status, you will now have the option to select IMEI information.

What do the different colours of the LED indicate?

Flashing Red – Low Battery warning less than 15% Battery level.

Solid Red – Battery level is between 1% and 99% and currently being charged.

Solid Green – Battery is fully charged.

Flashing Blue – Indicates a notification has been received (Message unread, missed call, email etc).