TWS Earbuds

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High cost-effective ready for you.

Blackview TWS Earbuds offer good sound quality and good noise-cancelling, the ergonomic design process is adopted to provide a comfortable wearing experience. What's more, they are come with most affordable prices.

Why Blackview TWS Earbuds?

There's always one for you.

  • Long Battery Life
  • Good Noise Cancelling
  • Better Water-resistant
  • Bluetooth
  • Ready for Sports
  • Good Sound
  • Portable and Cool TWS Earbuds

Long Battery Life

Keep offering the power for few hours, enjoy music continuously. The charging case which support wireless charging offer at least 3 times full-charge for headsets.

Good Noise Cancelling

To offer the good sound quality, good noise-cancelling technology must configured into the TWS earbuds. One of the best examples is Blackview AirBuds 5 Pro, come with Hybrid ANC technology, even when walking on a noisy street, you can hear clear and beautiful music.

Better Water-resistant

Blackview TWS Earbuds come with better water-resistant, one of the best examples is Blackview FitBuds 1, IPX7 waterproof design is ideal for a range of activities. No matter whatever the day brings, FitBuds 1 just make it through.


The wireless connection option is by using the Bluetooth, Blackview continues to improve on TWS Bluetooth wireless stereo earbuds in order to provide greater connection stability.

Ready for Sports

In order to provide a more comfortable and reliable wearing experience, BLACKVIEW products adopt an ergonomic design. The FitBuds 1 sports neckband headphones is one of the best examples ready for sports lovers.

Good Sound

The beautiful music start from the sound, Blackview TWS Earbuds come with good sound output parts and good noise-cancelling technology, offer the users with beautiful and clear sound.

Portable and Cool TWS Earbuds

Blackview TWS Earbuds are come with cool and trendy design, with a light and slim portable charging case(not include FitBuds 1), easy to put into the pocket.

Own One Now

Ready for those who want to get the high cost-effective products, Blackview TWS Earbuds is worth to own.

Each one has its features, and they are waiting for you to discover. Check out the products in the 'Accessories' category in Blackview official online store.

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