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Top-selling from Blackview

Above are listed some featured top-selling models from Blackview, each phone has its special features that make it popular. But they both have the same feature -- high cost-effective.

Best Budget Kings

They are trendy design phones.

Ready for young people and students, some best budget kings are such as Blackview A100, A70, A90 and A80. These are the star Android phones for sale from Blackview.

Ruggedized Phones

Ready for outdoor use, workers and others.

Come with IP68 & IP69K water-resistant, and MIL-STD-810G certified, these tough mobile phones own a very tough body, able to face various harsh environments calmly. And all unlocked rugged phones for sale are come with most affordable prices.

BV6600 Pro

The best budget king with thermal camera.

In fact, thermal imaging is often used in daily life. With a thermal camera phone, you can check the indoor temperature distribution and check if home devices are prone to fail, etc. And BV6600 Pro is available in Blackview global phones store now.


The best cheap rugged handset in 2021.

Ready for construction workers and other manual workers who work in tough environment. Blackview BV4900s was launched at Oct. 2021, come with dual 4g SIM slot and 64GB storage. This unlocked handset is fit for those require basic use.

Factory Unlocked

Without contracts, unlocked.

If you want a SIM free device, you need to buy the unlocked product, which mean didn't bind any contract. With an unlocked product, you can choose any SIM card as you like.

Unlocked Save Budget

Binding the contract means paying additional fees.

The reason of choosing the unlocked devices is, you needn't pay additional fees without binding the contract. You can choose any SIM contract for your need, to save the budget.

Other Featured Unlocked Models

Occupy multiple "World Debut".

The models which occupy multiple "world debut" from Blackview unlocked Android handsets are, BL6000 Pro 5G, BL5000 Dual 5G, BV9900 Pro with thermal imaging camera, BV9700 Pro, etc.

Android 11 Budget Kings

The unlocked models with the latest OS.

Come with the latest Android OS, offer the devices more new features. These models are Blackview BL5000, A100, A90, A55 Pro, etc., and BL6000 Pro has upgraded to Android 11, which is available in our store.


Start your best budget plan now.

Get ready to buy a new phone with high cost-effective? Feel free to choose your favorite models in Blackview official store now.

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