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The ear canal headphones are a type of in-ear headphones that are inserted into the ear canal. They are also referred to as canalphones, earphones, or earbuds. Blackview provide this type of product.

With ergonomic in-ear design, fits perfectly in your world and your canals, all-day comfort with no ear pain. With excellent waterproof rating, without worrying about of heavy sweat while working out.

Adopt advanced Bluetooth technology, provides fast and stable wireless transmission, as well as good stereo effect. Combine advanced noise cancellation technology, even on a noisy street, the crowded carriages in the subway, the noise of various of workout machine like stretcher in the gym, etc., you can still immerse yourself in the music world.

These ear canal cheap Bluetooth earbuds come with excellent battery life, it won't interrupt your passion while working out. And the high capacity charging case is ready to replenish power at any time.

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