Best mid range camera phone in 2022: Pick out your favorite shooting phone

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Are you looking for the best mid-end good camera smartphone, and to buy it directly from the source at most affordable price, to save more budget? Then you are in the right place.

The cheap and the best mid-range phone Blackview has created, with better cost-effective than the same level products from other brands.

Equipped with powerful 4G or 5G chips from MediaTek and Unisoc, and great RAM+ROM combination, provides smooth experience, meet the needs of most daily use like playing games(like BL5000 support playing Genshin and Brawl Stars), watching movies, taking photos, web surfing, playing TikTok, etc.

There is 5G rugged phone, powerful night vision phone, practical FLIR camera phone, high capacity battery wireless charging smartphone, 4G cold-resistant heart rate monitor phone, Android phone with best camera and battery life, and fashion 6 inches phones and more, for picking out.

Adopting high capacity battery, which close or over the industry average, provides long-lasting battery life. Some are configured with fast charge, like 8380 mAh 33W's BV8800(specs), 5280 mAh 18W's BL6000 Pro(specs), 4680 mAh 18W's A100(specs). Some are equipped with wireless charge, like BV9900E(specs), BL6000 Pro, and BV9800 Pro(specs).

Throw in good cameras from famous brands like SONY and Samsung, plus keep-improving shooting algorithm, provides nice capture experience. Some of rugged devices are support taking photo under the water, let users enjoy fun of underwater shooting.

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