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Since the moment you visit this page, you are in the right place, to buy the most affordable mid level smartphone directly from the source, to save more budget.

The cheap and best mid range phone Blackview has created, with higher cost-effective than other same level products compare to other brands. With powerful 4G or 5G chips from famous brands like MediaTek(MTK) and Unisoc, plus big enough RAM+ROM combination, and the self-developed operating system, provides smooth experience, meets the needs of most daily uses.

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  • There are NFC phones, regular slim and fashion phablet phones, most ruggedized indestructible phone, massive battery heavy duty cell phones, big screen phones, and the best battery life phone, etc., for choosing. And Blackview retail and wholesale smartphone to all over the world.

    With trendy and unique design, combine with carefully selected amazing color matching, provides fashionable and unique temperament. So that every one are worth to own.

    With mid level and even high-end rear-facing and front-facing camera from famous brands like SONY and Samsung, provides good capture experience. The featured models are like 50.0MP AI camera's BV8800, 48.0MP's BV9900E, 12.0MP's(same with iPhone) A100(specs), and 20.0MP low-light shots A95, etc.

    In terms of battery life, equipped with more than 4000 mAh capacity battery, provides long-lasting battery life. The featured models are like 4980 mAh 30W fast charge's BL5000, 4680 mAh 18W fast charge's A100, and 8380 mAh 33W fast charge's BV8800(specs).

    More features are waiting for you to discover.

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