Android Phones with Good Camera and Long Battery Life

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Looking for a global online smartphone store that selling cheap but good Android phablets that come with good camera and long-lasting battery life? Or, you are looking for some good family gift ideas on phones? Then you are in the right place.

Blackview phablet phones meet your needs, and provide many additional practical features. With higher cost-effective than the same level products from other brands. Next, we carefully selected several featured models(include tough phone and regular phablet) to show you their amazing features.


50.0 MP AI + 20.0 MP IR night vision + 8380 mAh + 33W.

This night vision phone is one of the latest Blackview phones and good but cheap rugged phones, throw in a 50.0 MP AI camera as its main rear-facing camera, and comes with a 20.0 MP IR night vision camera and 8.0 MP ultra-wide-angle camera, and equipped with a 16.0 MP front-facing camera, provide nice capture experience.

This best battery life phone adopts a 8380 mAh massive capacity battery(about three times of iPhone 12 battery life) and 33W fast-charge technology, provide longer-lasting battery life and fully charge the device faster. Has been ready for outdoor use.

Also, it is the cheapest 90Hz phone with MIL-SPEC-810H military grade certified, and also the best phone for construction workers. Powered with Blackview self-developed Doke OS based on Android 11, 8GB LPDDR4X RAM and 128GB UFS2.1 ROM, and adopt a 90Hz high refresh rate display, it is one of the best value Android 11 phones you shouldn't miss in 2022.


Faster photo shooting and use iPhone's 12.0 MP rear camera.

This is one of the best tech gadget gifts for girlfriend. Throw in the newest improved capture algorithm, let users experienced faster shooing on the Blackview A100. And adopt a rear-facing camera which is the same with iPhone's 12.0 MP big pixel rear camera, provide nice capture experience. Equipped with a 4680 mAh big battery and 18W fast charge, 6GB LPDDR4X RAM and 128GB UFS2.1 ROM, and MTK MT6771T up to 2.1GHz Octa-core 4G chip, at price under 200USD, you couldn't find another product better than it.

BV9800 Pro

48 MP + 16 MP FLIR camera + 6580 mAh

Heat imaging is able to used in many situations like electrical equipment inspection, room humidity check, circuit inspection, soil moisture testing, vehicle fault detection, find lost companions outdoors, etc., therefore, own a FLIR phone is an interesting thing.

Blackview BV9800 Pro comes with a 48 MP main rear-facing plus 16.0 MP FLIR thermal imaging camera, provides good capture experience. And the 6580 mAh big battery, which over about 50% capacity than industry average, provides longer-lasting battery life. Besides, BV9800 Pro(specs) support many practical features like NFC(how to use NFC on Android), IR remote control, Fingerprint & Face Recognition, Walkie Talkie, etc. It is worth to own absolutely.

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