BV8900: The first device powered with Android 13

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DokeOS 3.1 based on Android 13

BV8900: The first device powered with Android 13

The Blackview BV8900 is now available for purchase on our AliExpress store. This is our first rugged phone that powered with DokeOS 3.1 based on Android 13, which provide more features to experience. In this post, we'll take you to explore the OS features about this thermal camera smartphone.

Personalize Your Device as You Like

Per-app Language Preferences

The per-app language feature which debuted in, enables a setting that lets you select your favorite language. The new system enables users to designate different language settings to certain apps, so you may switch fluidly between languages on your device, just like in a multilingual country. While please bear in mind that not all of the apps on your phone will immediately be able to take advantage of this feature. Presently, just a few apps have implemented support for these per-app language settings, but we hope that soon, almost all multilingual apps will have it.

Personal APP Folders Colors

Moving to the features list further, App folders are also available in a variety of colors for users to define freely. Various colors identify various App folder categories, such as work fields of work, study, and entertainment, making it easy for you to locate the correct one. Your home screen won't ever become a disorienting jumble of themes as a result. Alongside the choice of several specific colors comes an expanded range of color palettes. For a thorough showcase of these color styles, welcome to try them directly.

Left Shortcut On Locked Screen

Continuing the theme of new ones rather than introducing revamping features, it introduced a brand-new shortcut key experience on the locked screen. A new launcher-based shortcut interface lets you get to the on-device actions quickly on your locked screen: DND, calculator, flashlight, compass, magnifier, and alarm. That's particularly handy when you just want to use the compass, open the flashlight, or set the alarm immediately from the lock screen without unlocking your phone.

Additional Safeguards for Your Privacy

Notification Permissions

You would, however, truly love this aspect of its operating system. Applications must request your consent before they may send notifications. When an app initially launches, a notice prompt appears, similar to how most other permissions do. You have complete control over which apps can send you notifications, so you can either enable or completely ban them, which will help you reduce distractions. It's also a terrific approach to increasing your privacy by blocking apps from accessing your data.

Cleared Clipboard History

Among the tweak and features, there is one stand out from the crowd. In a bid to improve privacy on your devices, cleared clipboard history is designed to protect the information on your clipboard rather than having them scattered across the device, as has been the case until now. Your clipboard history will be cleared after a time to prevent unwanted access, making your privacy of the device to the next level.

DAC + MAC Double Protection for Data Security

Coming to the security updates, this DokeOS 3.1 update is rolling out double protection for data security. Blackview DokeOS 3.1 features a second layer of security with MAC developed by the NSA, which takes data security to a new level by allowing the system to control who has access to specific data objects rather than the users as is the case with the normal DAC where people can regulate access to the data they possess.

Unlock the Power of Fluency

Atomized Memory

Worried about the amount of RAM on your phone? An Ultra-fine RAM optimization engine is all that Atomised Memory is. To put it simply, It basically analyzes how each app consumes memory and compresses the RAM each app requires into the smallest process unit to maximize RAM performance at all times, raising RAM efficiency to a new level. With the background process efficiency by a whopping 17% improvement, you can now run more programs concurrently and experience multitasking more smoothly.

Low Memory Killer

In essence, LMK is a solution that tracks the memory usage of the running system in response to high memory pressure and then kills the least important programs to maintain a stable level of system performance. When the system's memory usage reaches a predetermined level, the LMK is activated to stop unneeded applications and free up more memory for crucial ones, preventing the system from running out of memory and crashing.

Easy-to-use features for a Convenient life

5 Built-in Focus Modes

One brand-new Digital well-being tool on the device is called Focus Mode, which helps you get things done by temporarily halting unwanted apps so you can focus on the task at hand. After adding the whitelist or blacklist, you can focus more on the matter of things with the whitelisted app or get rid of the disturbed messages from the blacklist app. While setting the proper focus mode for your unique needs, you can still use them to make and receive calls.

Health App

Designed to help organize your important health information, the Health App puts your activity records and health metrics at your fingertips. It collects fitness data such as steps, duration, and Kcal from the built-in sensors in your device. The more informed you are, the more motivated you are to take action for running, brisk walking, and cycling. Health metrics recording such as Weight, Glycemia, and Blood pressure helps you get helpful new insights into your own body.

More Helpful Auxiliary Functions

Charing Protection

No need to worry about unplugging your device to keep it from staying charged to 100% for longer periods of time. In order to extend the battery life, Blackview has introduced this new function available in the DokeOS 3.1 with Smart Protection Mode to pause charging at night when the charge exceeds 80% and Customized Charging Mode to customize the maximum charge level from 70%-90%.

Call recording

Recording a phone call can be an effective tool to document a conversation or keep a record of important information. Whether you're a customer service agent who must record a call for quality control reasons or you're handling a challenging circumstance and need to have a record of what was said. Whatever the reason, it helps a lot when you need it. If there is any special need, you can only record with the consent of the other people involved in the call.

Speaker Cleaning

Is your device's volume unusually soft? Perhaps you should take advantage of a feature that is buried in Blackview DokeOS 3.1 devices to clean your speakers and remove any debris that may have become lodged inside. Making your device play a sound loud enough for 30 seconds to clean the debris that is now clogging its speakers. If the speaker is dirty, you are advised to repeat the operation from 2 to 5 times.

Where to Buy?

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