The 4 hidden features you shouldn't miss in Blackview A96

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Blackview A96

The 4 hidden features you shouldn't miss in Blackview A96

The Blackview A96 is a feature-packed smartphone that offers a range of hidden features that users shouldn't miss. From its hardware and software capabilities to its impressive camera and display, this device is designed to provide an enhanced user experience. In this post, we will explore the four hidden features of the Blackview A96 that make it stand out from the crowd.

1. Harman Kardon Audio: One of the standout features of the Blackview A96 is its Harman Kardon audio technology. Harman Kardon is renowned for its high-quality audio systems, and the inclusion of this technology in the A96 ensures an immersive audio experience. Whether you are listening to music, watching videos, or playing games, the Harman Kardon audio enhances the sound quality, delivering rich and detailed audio output.

2. 96-Degree Wide Angle Front Camera: The Blackview A96 boasts a 96-degree wide-angle front camera, which allows you to capture more in your selfies and group photos. This wider field of view ensures that you can fit more people or scenery into your shots without having to squeeze everyone together. Whether you are taking a selfie with friends or capturing a beautiful landscape, the 96-degree wide-angle front camera on the A96 ensures that you don't miss any details.

Blackview A96

3. 120Hz Display: The Blackview A96 features a 120Hz display, which offers a smoother and more responsive visual experience compared to traditional displays. The higher refresh rate allows for smoother scrolling, faster touch response, and reduced motion blur. Whether you are browsing through social media feeds or playing graphics-intensive games, the 120Hz display on the A96 ensures a fluid and immersive viewing experience. Check out another budget 120Hz phone.

4. OTG Supported: Another hidden feature of the Blackview A96 is its support for USB On-The-Go (OTG). This feature allows you to connect external devices such as USB flash drives, keyboards, or game controllers directly to your smartphone. With OTG support, you can easily transfer files between your phone and USB storage devices, and print files through OTG, use a keyboard for faster typing, or even play games with a controller for a more console-like experience.

In conclusion, the Blackview A96 offers several hidden features that enhance its overall functionality and user experience. From the Harman Kardon audio technology to the 96-degree wide-angle front camera, 120Hz display, and OTG support, this smartphone provides users with a range of capabilities that shouldn't be overlooked.

How to get Blackview A96

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