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Easily deal with various harsh environments on construction sites.

3-Proof Phones

Phones that come with drop-proof, cement slurry proof, slurry-proof, waterproof, dustproof, etc.

Also named as rugged phones. The basic tri-proof include waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, meets the special needs of builders. And the devices also come with MIL-STD-810G military standard certified, makes it more indestructible.


Blackview BV6600 and Blackview BV6600E.

Meet Blackview BV6600(specs) and BV6600E(specs), the completely reimagined monster battery phones ready for builders. Powered with 8580 mAh ultra-large capacity battery and great drop proof feature, feel free to use the device on construction site at any time.


Blackview BV6300 Pro

With 11.6 mm slim thickness and cool trendy design, it's a real cool slim rugged phone. With MediaTek super strong Helio P70 Octa-core CPU and 6GB big RAM, and 128GB ultra-big ROM storage, provide very smooth experience. When it falls into the cement slurry, take it out and rinsed with water directly.

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Blackview BV4900s

Meet Blackview BV4900s. It's one of the cheapest models in 2021, which powered with Android 11 GO and 5580 mAh big battery. Configured with 2GB RAM and 32GB ROM, 5.7 inches screen, and 8MP rear camera, meet the needs of daily uses. If you accidentally drop it on the hard object such as brick and rebar, it still works normally.

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5G Featured

Blackview BL6000 Pro and BL5000 Phones.

Meet Blackview BL5000(specs) and BL6000 Pro(specs) 5G rugged smartphone. Powered with Latest Android 11 and Dimensity 800 super strong 5G CPU chip, and 8GB ultra-big RAM plus 256GB ultra-big ROM, and 48MP camera, give the BL6000 Pro the title of all-around champion. And BL6000 Pro old users can now upgrade their OS to Android 11. As one of another 5G phones from Blackview, BL5000 is born for gaming, a 5G rugged gaming smartphone with the best budget. For gamers who works in construction site, Blackview BL5000 must be their best partner.


How is the brand

Strength proves everything.

When construction worker first meet Blackview brand, he may want to know how is the product of the brand. Blackview owns a strong team of engineers and advanced manufacturing machines. Is one of the most strength manufacturer of rugged devices.


Cheap but Good

With the best value compare to any other brands.

Construction worker does not need to compare product again and again any more, Blackview products come with the best affordable prices and best quality among all related brands. And there are agents in many countries.


Products under $150 for construction worker

The best cheap devices for construction worker.

The best cheap models under $150 and balance performance and price, for construction worker, are BV6300, BV4900 Pro, and BV6600E, etc. These are the best items for those who have limited budget.


Best birthday gift

One of the best gifts for construction worker.

The one of the best gifts for construction workers must be the builder dedicated to use phones. With drop-proof, cement slurry proof, slurry-resistance, waterproof, dustproof, etc. What's more, they are offered with the best affordable prices from Blackview.


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