Stable-wear Gym Earbuds comfortable wear budget wireless waterproof stereo earbuds

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Comfortable and stable wear experience, good sound quality and good stereo effect, with advanced noise cancellation technology and long battery life.

Features with excellent protection ratings against sweat and water, Blackview earbuds have been ready to calmly deal with various of harsh situations while workout.

With trendy, simple, as well as ergonomic in-ear or half in-ear design, it is comfortable to wear and make you look more attractive and vitality. This will help you successfully attract the attention of the opposite sex.

These best budget wireless earbuds with long battery life include cool earbuds and the best budget noise cancelling earbuds and more, matched with a high battery capacity charge box, provides several complete charges.

The best affordable Bluetooth earbuds adopt advanced Bluetooth technology, they are iPhone compatible earbuds. These iPhone compatible IPX7 earbuds provide fast and stable connect, and good stereo effect.

It is easy to connect with other smart devices like smartphones and tablets, simply to control, and provide stable voice signal transmission. Support phone calls and recording.

Adopting advanced sound units parts, reproduces authentic and vivid sound as on site, precisely captures audio across a wider field of frequencies to please your ears and mind with more powerful treble, deeper bass and clearer midrange.

Combine advanced noise cancellation technology, automatically block out the unimportant noise, immerse yourself in the music world.

These cool smart gadgets was one of the good gifts for boyfriend/girlfriend, with very affordable price, that those who have limited budgets can afford it.

What's in the package: A pair of TWS, a charging box, a charging cable, manual, different sizes' earmuffs.

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