The Best Substitute of Xiaomi Redmi 10X Smartphone

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  • The Best Substitute of Xiaomi Redmi 10X Smartphone

  • Participant: Blackview A100 vs Xiaomi Redmi 10X
    The type of device: 4G smartphone
    Substitute smartphone price: $189.99 USD

    A major difference between the two phones is the autofocus ability. Whether you are an amateur or a professional photographer, a good autofocus technology is critical to a successful shoot by expanding shooting possibilities.

    A100 boasts Dual Pixel AF, and Redmi smartphone features PDAF (Phase Detection Autofocus). Briefly, Dual Pixel AF is an extension of PDAF, delivering a greater ability to maintain focus on fast-moving objects. Therefore, in most cases, whether the subject is moving or you’re moving, Dual Pixel AF allows you to capture every split second while maintaining uncompromising quality.

    Highlights: Fashion + Fast shooting + Slim + Good camera.
    Fit for: Young people, girlfriend, lady's gift, family gift.
    Why Blackview: Enjoy smart life! The cheap but good smart device Blackview has created, with higher cost-effective than the same level products from other brands.
    Is Blackview A100 the best substitute of Xiaomi Redmi 10X Smartphone(4G version): Yes

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