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Are you looking for the best ruggedized handset with light and thin and cool design and long battery life, and buy it directly from the source? Then you are in the right place.

The good but cheap rugged phones Blackview has created. For those who are interested in fast charging, Blackview BV9200 will be the best option. BV9200 supports 66W wired fast charging and 30W wireless charging, provides you extreme charging experience. Besides, BV9200 equipped with a 5000mAh big battery, provides longer lasting battery life. This ultra-thin fast charging rugged phone only has a 13.6 mm thickness and 310g weight, which is more close to the iPhone. Besides, it supports 120Hz high screen refresh rate, provides smooth viewing experience for web browsing and playing games.

Blackview BV5100 is the best device for construction worker, it adopts 5.7-inch small display design, only has a 13.7 mm thickness and 275g weight, this make it pocket friendly. BV5100 features cool design and good performance, and throw in a 5580mAh massive battery to ensure it lasts longer.

BV9900E features cool, simple, and trendy design, equipped with MediaTek Helio P90 powerful processor and 6GB RAM memory, provides smooth experience. Throw in a SONY 48MP main rear camera, provides good capture experience. Besides, BV9900E also supports heart rate monitoring.

More featured models are waiting for you to experience.

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