NFC enabled Phones: Your most favorite modern phones in 2023

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  2. NFC enabled Phones: Your most favorite modern phones in 2023

Stylish Phablets

Rugged Devices

Are you looking for the cheap but good smartphone with near field communication, and buy it direct from the source, to save more budget? Then you are in the right place.

Near field communication(NFC) technology is so popular on online paying(like Google Pay), take bus, take subway, etc., therefore, Blackview created these phones to meet the needs of those people. There are two types of phones, which include rugged phone and regular phablet phone, for choosing. Ruggedized phones come with drop-resistance, water-resistance, cold-resistant, and dust-resistance. And regular phablet phones are designed for light and thin, and fashionable. The former is suitable for those people who live in tough life, like builder, trucker, woodworker, coal miner, and outdoor worker, etc. And the latter fits for young people, business man, office worker, etc.

Therefore, no matter who you are, and what you do, you can always find a product that suits you in our store.

Powered with the powerful Octa-core or quad-core CPU processor, plus big enough RAM flash storage and ROM storage, provides smooth experience, meets the needs of most daily uses. Equipped with high-capacity battery, provides longer-lasting battery life. Some are come with fast charge, like 18W fast charge Blackview A100, BV9900e, and BL6000 Pro, 30W fast charge BL5000, and 33W fast charge BV8800.

In terms of photography, adopting famous brand SONY or Samsung's 12.0 MP to 50.0 MP cameras(most), and the keep-improving shooting algorithm, provides good capture experience. Some models also come with special features, like BV8800 and OSCAL S60 Pro comes with IR night vision camera, BV9800 Pro and BV6600 Pro comes with heat imaging camera, Blackview A95 comes with good low light shooting ability, etc.

There are many features are waiting for you to discover.

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