MP80 super mini computer coming soon

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MP80 super mini computer coming soon

In the near future, Blackview will bring you a new mini computer, which is named MP80. This is the third model after MP60 and MP200. This is an ultra mini computer for light office, it has a very small body and light weight, its volume is smaller than the MP60 and MP200, and even smaller than a TV box. You can even put it into your pocket.

Though it's small, however, the gadget has a powerful performance and full-featured interfaces such as HDMI jack, USB port, and RJ45 WLAN interface. Besides, the Blackview MP80 mini PC also comes with a good cooling system, solving a range of problems, such as computer crashes and sudden restarts caused by overloading or overheating.​

If you are looking for a budget mini computer for light office or home entertainment, the Blackview MP80 must be your best home office computer and home entertainment PC. Besides, it is also the best pc for students study.

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