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The IP68 & IP69K is the highest waterproof grade in IP rating. The number 6 means the highest dustproof grade - no dust can come into the device, the number 8 means protected against submersion, and the 9k means protected against close-range high pressure, high temperature spray downs.

All rugged phones from BLACKVIEW are come with IP68 & IP69K water-resistance grade, and MIL-SPEC-810G or MIL-SPEC-810H military grade certified, provide toughness, durable. If you need the most durable phone, you are in the right place. Blackview ruggedized phones are able to against from liquid like water, coffee, oil, etc., even include mud and grout from construction site(therefore they are one of the best gifts for construction workers), and come with most affordable prices.

Besides, they are support to take photos underwater by using the 'underwater' shooting mode. This will happen in some place like swimming pool, and pond/river outdoors.

With higher capacity battery -- better than iPhone 13/iPhone 12 battery life, provide longer-lasting battery life, like 6580 mAh battery's BV9800 Pro(specs), 8580 mAh battery's BV6600(specs), and 8380 mAh battery's BV8800(specs), etc.

With powerful CPU processor and big enough RAM and ROM, and keep-improving self-developed operate system based on Android, provide smooth experience, meet the needs of most daily use.

Equipped with good camera, provide nice capture experience. Some are come with night vision camera, FLIR heat imaging camera, etc., provide more practical features.

In terms of design, adopting trendy and unique design style, cool, mechanization, symmetrical aesthetics, etc., the different styles have been ready for you.

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