Trendy and energetic green glitter phones young people edition 4G smartphone

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  1. Green Phone
  2. Trendy and energetic green glitter phones young people edition 4G smartphone

Filled with the elements of youth. Shine for the young. The light and thin body matching with fresh and energetic smooth gradient color, combine excellent holding experience, pleasing to the eye, and silky to touch.

With the pursuit of beauty and aesthetics, the fusion of streamlined curves and smooth finish of lively colors presents the modern stylish look - as trendy as iPhone. HD resolution plus built-in eye-preserve mode gives an ideal clear vision.

From super lightweight and ergonomic rounded curves to refined anti-fingerprint finish and stylish colors, it makes each grip a perfect fit in the palm and a relish for the touch and vision.

Throw in a massive battery without sacrificing too much in the way of thickness, provides longer lasting battery life for TikTok browsing, watching stream medias, playing games, and listening to music. These Chinese phones comes with better battery life than the iPhone 12 battery life.

Enjoy smart and advanced unlock technology - fingerprint unlock + face unlock. A50 is one of the best budget fingerprint lock phones, reach the sensor area with your finger naturally to make your device unlock simple. And A55 was a face recognition smartphone which costs only under 150 dollars.

The extreme UI design provides exquisite wallpapers and App icons, combines style and viewing comfort, it can't keep your hands off.

Except the youth and vitality color, there are other colors for choosing. With most affordable price, meets the needs of those young people have limited budgets.

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