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Simple, trendy, and light and thin design, the ultimate curvaceous beauty, good holding experience and smooth experience, this is the best budget Android smartphone that you can't put it down.

The best low budget bright pink alternative of iPhone, Blackview A100 is worth to own. Equipped with powerful Octa-core processors plus 6GB fast RAM memory and 128GB ROM storage, provides smooth experience. Besides, A100 provides good capture experience. Learn more.

The best low budget bright white alternative of iPhone? OSCAL C80 and Blackview A55 Pro are worth to get. Especially the C80. C80 features Octa-core processors plus 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM, as well as Android 12 OS, throw in a 50.0MP main rear camera and a 90HZ high refresh rate screen, as well as a 5180 mAh massive battery, from performance to capture experience, from viewing experience to battery life, C80 is deserved to be the excellent Android 12 phone and the best iPhone alternative.

Besides, there are other colors such as purple, green, and blue, for you to choose from. Just pick out your favorite color's phone for your need. All products are offered with one-year warranty and free shipping to most countries.

These products are suitable for different ages and industries of people, thus it can be one of the best gifts to yourself and your relatives and friends. What's more, they don't cost too much that more people who have limited budgets can afford it.

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