Android 11 Phones

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The cheap but good devices Blackview has created.

Cost-effective Phones

Phones that let more people afford it.

Blackview aims to produce cheap but good products, let more people enjoy smart life. Powered with Android 11, users are able to enjoy the latest Android features on Blackview Phones. They are the best substitute of iPhone and Samsung.

BV & BL Series

Meet Blackview Rugged Handset.

As the professional manufacturer and the leader of rugged phones, Blackivew keep producing high-quality and practical products, meet the needs of those people who lives in a tough life. Like construction worker, coal miner, trucker, outdoor worker, etc. Besides, they are also ready for outdoor lovers.

BV Series

BV Series products come with most affordable prices, whatever you are looking for a heavy-duty or slim rugged phone, they are able to find in the store. And almost all of them are equipped with Octa core powerful processor, provide smooth experience. Featured product: Blackview BV8800(IR night vision camera), OSCAL S60 Pro night-sight camera, Blackview BV6600E, and Blackview BV6600 Pro.

BL Series

BL Series is the high-end products of Blackview BV Series, which adopt with 5G network. With higher cost-effective than the same level product from other brands like Ulefone. There are two 5G models include Blackview BL6000 Pro and Blackview BL5000 till January 2022.

A Series

Cheap, slim & fashion regular phones.

Adopt trendy design and slim body, make them closer to iPhone, Xiaomi, Samsung Galaxy, but offer with much lower price, to let more people enjoy smart life. Blackview A Series phones born for this. And keep improving. Featured product: Blackview A100, Blackview A95, A55, and A70 Pro.

Latest OS

Doke OS keep moving.

Android 11 provides many practical features, they are built in Doke OS, and users are able to experience the changes obviously from old version to the newest version.

OS Update

Update the OS by OTA.

Some old models like BL6000 Pro(specs) are updated to the newest OS version, and more and more will be updated. Stay tuned. Besides, the old users of BL6000 Pro can update the OS to Android 11 by OTA. To enjoy the new features.

Android 11 - Screenshot

Screenshot & Long Screenshot on Android 11.

One of the features of Doke OS based on Android 11 is screenshot optimization. Users can use three fingers to take a screenshot or long screenshot on the device and edit it, and able to share the picture immediately before it store in the device.

Android 11 - System Manager

Release more space.

Android 11 on phones are built-in a system manager APP, which was developed by Blackview. This powerful Android 11 feature will help users release more space, simple operate -- just open the APP and click clear.

Android 11 - Dual-window

Dual-window Entertainment.

One of most practical features of Doke OS based on Android 11, dual-window mode -- view different contents on the same screen to enable entertaining while working.


More features on Android 11.

Develop by Google, improving by Blackview. There are more features like Dark Mode, Cold Room, Artistic Themes, etc., are waiting for you to experience.

Get Started

Ready to save budget?

To enjoy smart life but cost lower budget on a new phone? Blackview will be your best option. And Samsung, Google, iPhone, are need higher cost.