Oscal S80 6.583-Inch 6+128GB 13000mAh Massive Battery 4G Ruggedized Smartphone
Oscal S80 6.583-Inch 6+128GB 13000mAh Massive Battery 4G Ruggedized Smartphone
Oscal S80 6.583-Inch 6+128GB 13000mAh Massive Battery 4G Ruggedized Smartphone
Oscal S80 6.583-Inch 6+128GB 13000mAh Massive Battery 4G Ruggedized Smartphone
Oscal S80 6.583-Inch 6+128GB 13000mAh Massive Battery 4G Ruggedized Smartphone
Oscal S80 6.583-Inch 6+128GB 13000mAh Massive Battery 4G Ruggedized Smartphone
Oscal S80 6.583-Inch 6+128GB 13000mAh Massive Battery 4G Ruggedized Smartphone
Oscal S80 6.583-Inch 6+128GB 13000mAh Massive Battery 4G Ruggedized Smartphone
Oscal S80 6.583-Inch 6+128GB 13000mAh Massive Battery 4G Ruggedized Smartphone
Oscal S80 6.583-Inch 6+128GB 13000mAh Massive Battery 4G Ruggedized Smartphone
Oscal S80 6.583-Inch 6+128GB 13000mAh Massive Battery 4G Ruggedized Smartphone
Oscal S80 6.583-Inch 6+128GB 13000mAh Massive Battery 4G Ruggedized Smartphone
Oscal S80 6.583-Inch 6+128GB 13000mAh Massive Battery 4G Ruggedized Smartphone
Oscal S80 6.583-Inch 6+128GB 13000mAh Massive Battery 4G Ruggedized Smartphone
Oscal S80 6.583-Inch 6+128GB 13000mAh Massive Battery 4G Ruggedized Smartphone

Oscal S80 6.583-Inch 6+128GB 13000mAh Massive Battery 4G Ruggedized Smartphone

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Note: This phone can only work in Europe and Asia area, please pay attention before purchasing or consult us. S80 Endless...

Capacity: 6GB+128GB


Color: Orange

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This phone can only work in Europe and Asia area, please pay attention before purchasing or consult us.


Endless Power for Rugged Lifestyle

  • 33W

    Fast Charge

  • IP68 & IP69K & MIL-STD-810H

  • NFC

  • 6.583" FHD+ Display

  • 12MP Sony IMX362 with 8MP Macro

  • ArcSoft technology

  • Dual Card Slots

  • Doke OS 3.0 (Android 12)

    Ultrafluent & Ultrafast

  • Glove Mode

  • MediaTek Helio G85

    2* Cortex-A75 2.0GHz 6* Cortex-A55 1.8GHz

  • 128GB + up to 1TB Expansion

  • AnTuTu -281229

  • 6GB RAM + up to 4GB Expansion

Battery Life Upgrade

The End of Power Anxiety

13000mAh Enormous Battery

Never run out of power

Enjoy Oscal S80 with the 13000mAh massive battery, which is the largest battery in Oscal smartphone so far. It’s the best response to the giant battery needs of smartphones. The adoption of cutting-edge dual electric cores technology ensures a safer and more stable experience.

*The data is tested by Oscal Laboratory based on continuous use. Battery life depends on the actual usage situation.

  • Game

    15 hrs

  • Video

    15 hrs

  • Web

    23 hrs

  • Calling

    50 hrs

  • Music

    70 hrs

  • Standby

    1152 hrs

33W Fast Charge

Charge it up in a flash

The time has come when 33W fast charge can juice up huge batteries within a short period of time. To fully charge a 13000mAh battery,only 3 hours and 20 mins are needed. You take complete control of your battery’s charge by quickly topping it off before it is fully drained.

  • Reverse Charging Support

    Icebreaker to No Electricity Condition

    If charging is not available when your electricity device is out of battery, Reverse charging enables to transfer power from Oscal S80 to any other chargeable devices, which eliminate the need to carry an additional power bank.

    Reverse Charging Compatible Devices


One 13000mAh Battery = 3 x mobiles of regular battery capacity

  • S80




1 =1+1+1+1+1

one 13000mAh mobile = 4 x outdoor adventure devices

  • one Portable power station

    one Digital camera

    one Wireless speaker

    one Navigation compass

To discover more prospects with the 13000mAh mobile Be with you in any travel

Europe tours
American tours
Asia tours
Aurora appreciation
Rainforest adventure
Travel around the world with you for 12000km if it’s 150km per day.
Arctic expedition
Travel for about 7,200km with the 13000mAh mobile supporting up to 1,152 hours of standby
Pan-American Highway tour
Mount Everest climbing
Gobi desert trekking

To record more memories with up to 1TB TF expansion Be with you in any moment

13,000mAh = about 15 hours of shooting;
12MP = focus at 0.03s = burst shoot up to 99 pics

128GB ROM + 1TB TF storage = about 300K photos
128GB ROM + 1TB TF storage = about 50K shorts videos

  • ≈15 hours of continuous photography

    ≈300K photos

  • ≈10 hours of continuous video shooting

    ≈50K videos

To Pursue more Happiness with the 13000mAh mobile

Running with continuous music listening for 70 hrs
Having enough fun in continuous heavy gameplay for 15 hrs
13,000mAh = 70 hrs of continuous music playing. Fulfill your journey with the melodious songs
Go for an interesting mobile livestream that continuously lasts up to 20 hrs
Bicycling while listening to music last up to 70 hours

To explore more possibility with the 13000mAh mobile Be with you in any adventure

500 hrs of continuous navigation for fishing in the sea
1152 hours of standby to back up a marathon-like outdoor ride
1152 hours of standby to track your member’s location via the video calls for help anytime.
500 hrs of constant navigation to track your route quickly no matter where you are
500 hrs of continuous service with a 4-in-1 navigation system and compass if you get lost
50 hrs of constant calling & timely SOS calls when there is any emergency

Affordability Upgrade:

MIL-SPEC Upgrading from 810G to 810H Leading IP68 & IP69K Rated Waterproofness

Dare to take any challenge

Oscal has always prioritized rugged smartphones with unrivaled toughness and dependability for industry workers and outdoor adventurers, protecting devices against damage from water, shock, dust, and vibration.

Unfailing Performance with A Stable Framework

  • Thickened rubber corner for incredible shock resistance

  • Tightly-fit cap for charging port to resist water from infiltration

  • Double-shot molding TPU soft rubber for great protection from drops

  • Tough unibody for reduced risk of falling apart

MIL-SPEC Upgrading from 810G to 810H

Oscal S80 is certificated by the latest military-grade rating MIL-STD-810H, which is the gold standard for rugged products that built to withstand the toughest of conditions and survive in extreme conditions throughout its lifecycle.

  • Rain

  • Sand and Dust

  • Vibration

  • Shock

  • Acceleration

  • High Temperature

  • Low Temperature

  • Humidity

  • Altitude

  • Immersion

Leading IP68 & IP69K Rated Waterproofness

IP68 & IP69K occupy the very top of the IP rating scale, which is rated at a high enough level to withstand exposures to solids and water that you would anticipate during every aspect of its use in any damp condition.

Waterproof up to 1.5m deep for 30mins

Inspired by Nature, Designed for Nature

The Oscal S80 still maintains the tough appearance of rugged phones, but the rear cameras adopt a rounded and centered design in the back, which is visually softer than rectangular shape and looks like a penguin from a distance.

6.583" FHD+ Display

It keeps you entertained with a large 6.583" display whether you are reading books, watching Tvs or playing games and make every frame look rather crisp from every angle with the 2408*1080 FHD+ resolution.

  • 2408 * 1080

    FHD+ Resolution


    Aspect Ratio


    Screen-to-body Ratio

  • 480



    PPI Density

Get high-definition shots with Advanced Algorithm

Backed by advanced camera algorithms from ArcSoft, a leading algorithm and software solution provider, Oscal S80 works as a connoisseur in cameras.

Face Fill Light

ArcSoft technology


Panorama Capture

8MP Selfie


8MP 117° Ultra-wide

0.03s Autofocus Dual Pixel & Closed-loop VCM 12MP Sony® IMX362

8MP Macro

Night Mode 2.0


Underwater Mode


30fps video

Never Miss Any Wonderful Moments

Up the Light Sensitivity by 200%

Equipped with a 6P lens, large 1/2.55" sensor, native 1.4μm large pixel, and f/2.0 aperture, the 12MP Sony® IMX362 gathers more light, thus even the shakiest of conditions can’t interfere with capturing memories.

8MP 117° Ultra-wide with Macro
2MP Depth Camera
12MP Sony® IMX362

Autofocus as Fast as 0.03 Second

Admire every detail there is with our Dual Pixel autofocus technology and closed-loop Voice Coil Motor, and 0.03s autofocus speed is achieved by the 12MP Sony® IMX362 to capture any evanescent moments without sacrificing the photo quality.

Shoot More and Quicker in Seconds

By adopting a 12MP main sensor that supports up to 10fps continuous burst shooting, up to 99 photos can be taken at once in a matter of seconds. Oscal S80 is able to make continuous shooting for a compelling action sequence with consistently sharp images.

8MP 117° Ultra-wide

Broaden Your Field of View

Oscal S80 tenders 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens with a 117 ° field of vision, preventing distortion at the edges of the photograph or any loss of image quality , which is ideal for group shots or capturing landscapes in their full glory.

Explore the hidden tiny worlds

Oscal S80’s macro function supported by an ultra-wide sensor offers a closer look at small subjects which can’t be seen directly by the naked eye, giving us a chance to explore fresh perspectives of a hidden tiny world in high resolution with a shooting distance as close as 2cm.

360° Panorama Capture

Powered by the ArcSoft panorama stitching technology that supports dynamic shooting direction detection, exclusive access to ArcSoft real-time stitching, and more, S80’s Panorama Mode achieves the best possible stitching results.

  • Upgrade to HDR 2.0 by ArcSoft HDR technology

    Oscal S80 adopted the ArcSoft HDR technology to the new-gen HDR mode which boosts performance by 200% and helps us see real images in both shadows and highlights.

  • Upgrade to Night Mode 2.0 by ArcSoft night mode technology

    Backed by the ArcSoft night mode technology, Oscal S80 allows you to capture brighter and stunning images without pressure in low light conditions

  • Upgrade to AI Beauty Mode by ArcSoft Beauty Technology

    Powered by ArcSoft Beauty technology, AI Beauty Mode adjusts the best camera setting to strike your beauty by enhancing your skin and complexion.

  • Portrait

    Thanks to ArcSoft technology, Portrait Mode allows you to take pictures with a sharp focus on the subject in a blurred background.

  • 2K 30fps Video Recording

    What you record is what you see by the naked eye, storing your real world.

  • Underwater Mode

    Though it’s underwater, you are free to seize those fleeting moments as you like.

  • Face Fill Light

    It helps fill in shadows and balance the exposure if you are in a low light situation, making you shine like a diamond even at night.

Smoothness Upgrade:

Everything changes by one touch

Graphite Cooling System

Max 1GHz GPU


2* Cortex-A75 2.0GHz

6* Cortex-A55 1.8GHz

MediaTek Helio G85

LPDDR4X + eMMC 5.1

RAM 6GB + 4GB Expandable

AnTuTu -281229

10GB + 128GB

+1TB TF Expandable

8℃ CPU

Temperature Reduction

MediaTek Helio G85

High-performance octa-core processor

The octa-core chipset boosts the Arm Mali-G52 GPU to 1GHz, providing blistering performance for avid gamers. The built-in MediaTek HyperEngine technology aids in the execution of resource-intensive games.



Lower power consumption



Faster & smoother response

Up to 10GB RAM + 128GB ROM + up to 1TB TF

Stress-free Multitasking & Open-ended Storage

  • 6GB RAM + 4GB RAM = 10GB RAM

    Stress-free Multitasking

    By adding 4GB RAM, the total RAM is up to 10 GB so that you’ll be able to switch effortlessly between applications while multitasking, gaming, browsing, printing and more, which stays away from the terrible experience of a stuck phone.

  • 128GB ROM + 1TB TF

    Open-ended Storage

    You can achieve storage freedom with 128GB of internal and 1TB of external storage, having no worry about the limited memory for a mass of photos, files, and apps.

Graphite Cooling System

Say goodbye to overheating

The S80 utilizes a graphite-based cooling system that can reduce the CPU temperature by up to 8°C in order to sufficiently exhaust heat and prevent overheating.

13685mm² Graphite Area

Personality upgrade:

Upgrade to the Latest Android 12
Define Your UI Interface
Your Privacy Permissions at a Glance
Smoother, More Responsive

Highlights of Android 12 in Doke OS 3.0

  • Upgrade to
    the Latest Android 12

    Harnessing the power from the newest Android 12, S80 takes personalization, privacy safety, and efficiency to the next level.

  • Define Your UI Interface

    You can easily personalize the look and feel of the phone to match your mood and style with this most expressive, dynamic, and personal Google OS ever.

  • Your Privacy Permissions at a Glance

    The newly-added privacy dashboard gives you a clear and comprehensive view of when apps access your location, camera, or mic over the past 24 hours.

  • Smoother, More Responsive

    The UI feels alive with every tap, swipe, and scroll—responding quickly and expressively with smooth motion and animations.

Highlights of Doke OS 3.0

Upgrade in Design, Smoothness, Convenience

Combining the latest Doke OS 3.0 developed by Oscal, which features a bunch of useful tweaks and add-ups over its predecessors, S80 achieves a breaking-through UI performance.

  • Versatile Desktop

    Ready for Revolution?

    Doke OS 3.0 renders all the magic tricks that amuse you and save your time. You can install apps, dismiss folders, rearrange icons, access apps with shortcuts and customize your themes, wallpapers, or icons with a breeze.

  • The Upgraded Notebook

    A Corner of Your Private Space

    Sometimes it might be inappropriate to express your feelings in public on social media, and that’s why you need a private Notebook to write down what you think, probably your whimsical thoughts, creative scribble, or to-do lists.

  • Smart Floating Windows

    Next-Level Design

    Swipe up, down, right or left or try more gestures to navigate Doke OS 3.0 that facilitates your control with convenient floating windows.

  • RAM Fast

    Ready, Fast, and Intelligent

    By learning users’ patterns of app-opening, Doke OS 3.0 with Pre-Loading can foresee which apps you’ll launch and help preload your apps before you actually open them, improving the average app-launching speed by 7%.

  • Catch up with
    You All the Time

    Doke OS 3.0 witnesses faster and smoother animation of screenshot and all types of floating windows. Always be in sync with you without latency.

  • Multicolored Indicator Light

    S80 enriches your life with more colors and exciting rhythms thanks to the multifunctional indicator light.

    During Charging :
    Solid red below 20% of battery level
    Solid yellow between 20-80% of battery level
    Solid green over 80% of battery level
    Incoming Calls:
    Flash rapidly with random colors
    Unread messages and notifications:
    Flashing red
    Playing Music
    Flash randomly with 65,535 colors according to the rhythm of your music
    Incoming calls are the top priority of indicator light.

Screen that Works with Gloves

Glove Mode enables to recognize inputs made while wearing gloves by increasing the touch sensitivity of the screen, perfect for those outdoor workers and adventurers if gloves must be worn.

Note: When Glove Mode is enabled, the screen responds more sensitively to touches with glove on. Turn Glove Mode off when ungloving to avoid accidental screen activation.

Fingerprint Sensor Sensor & Power Button 2-in-1 Key

Easily unlock your phone with fingerprint via the power button.

Customized Shortcut Button

By programming the custom key, you can easily access to 7 different
functions or other favorite apps quickly.

  • Start Soundrecording

  • Open Flashlight

  • Screenshots

  • Open Underwater Camera

  • Open PTT

  • Open SOS

  • Open Game Mode

  • Multifunction NFC

    Quick answer to Google pay, public transport ticket purchase, and file sharing with other devices.

  • GPS & GLONASS & Beidou & Galileo

    Combining 4 navigation satellite systems, Oscal S80 help you stay connected and centered whether you’re navigating in a crowded city or a vast desert.

  • Useful Toolkit

    Good helper is easy to find in professional apps out of the box.

  • Convenient Lanyard Hook

    Just hooks up to keep your smartphone safe so you can do anything without any concern.

  • Dual Card Slots

    Choose the way you like - insert two 4G SIM cards to enjoy the dual 4G VoLTE or insert one SIM card and one TF card to expand the room for storage.

  • Mecha Orange

  • Navy Green

  • Conquest Black

  • Model
  • Colors
    Navy Green, Mecha Orange, Conquest Black
  • Dimension
  • Weight
  • Display
    6.583-inch 1080*2408 FHD+ IPS, 85% Screen-to-body Ratio
  • CPU
    MediaTek Helio G85
  • RAM & ROM
    6GB + 128GB, LPDDR4X + eMMC 5.1
  • RAM Expansion
    Expandable to up to 4GB
  • SIM Slot
    Dual SIM; Two Nano Card or Nano Card + TF Card
  • Max TF Card Capacity
  • Front Camera
    8MP Samsung® S5K4H7
  • Rear Camera
    12MP Sony® IMX362 + 8MP Ultra-wide with Macro + 2MP Depth
  • Battery Capacity
  • Charging Speed
  • Wi-Fi
  • Connectivity
    2G Bands: 850/900/1800/1900
    3G Bands: WCDMA: B1//B8
    4G Bands: FDD:B1/B3/B7/B8/B20 TDD:B40
  • Navigation
  • OS
    Doke OS 3.0 based on Android 12
  • Glove Mode