OSCAL Brand Launch: Let More People Enjoy the Smart Life

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Today(April 13,2021), OSCAL brand has officially announced its launch.

In 2018, we wanted to build a strong smart device brand to further open the global market and OSCAL began to take shape. And in the next 3 years, a lot of time and efforts were spent to design brand logo and slogan, define the brand concept, analyze the brand positioning through research on user groups and market, make clear the product line and build up teams. We have faced and conquered many challenges. And finally comes the birth of OSCAL brand.

OSCAL is positioned as a technology brand that targets at product performance, design, quality, and service. With the concept of “Only the Brave”, OSCAL is committed to letting everyone enjoy smart devices with powerful performance and trendy design at a very friendly price.

Based on the market research and our own strengths, OSCAL's product line will include the rugged outdoor phone series, smartphone series, tablet series, earphone series and laptop series. And the products will cover over the consumers among 100 markets worldwide, including Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America, Oceania, etc.

Oscal products

OSCAL prioritizes a premium user experience over everything else. To bring our users quality products, OSCAL increase the investment in R&D and specially build an excellent R&D team, led by a number of technical experts who have worked for decades in international first-line mobile phone companies, and consisting of nearly 100 R&D engineers. And this team will be dedicated to improving the product design, UI, OS, etc.

With the establishment of OSCAL brand, OSCAL's first smartphone product named OSCAL C20 will launch simultaneously. C20 is an entry-level smartphone of stylish appearance, premium build quality and high performance. It's targeted at young people who are price and performance sensitive so it will be available at an fairly low price. Later, more specifications and information about this smartphone will be disclosed on OSCAL website.


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