Blackview BL5000 Dual 5G Gaming Ruggedized Phone Review

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Recently, Blackview launched a new strong smartphone for playing games, with dual 5G slot. Which is the second 5G ruggedized smartphone after BL6000 Pro. It was big news for those looking for a rugged phone that can play big games.

As the global first rugged gaming phone and Blackview 2021 flagship ruggedized smartphone, how does the Blackview BL5000 dual 5G perform? Let's check out the review from YouTube.


[Ginshen] Blackview BL5000 5G Phone Review:

Tips: Checking out the details of Genshin Impact Review on Blackview BL5000.

As you can see the games are running smoothly on the phone from the video, the real perform effect is much stronger than looking at the parameters, isn't it? Don't you want to have a try? Now, BL5000 is for sale on Blackview official store at affordable price.

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