Blackview SE60 Auto Lock Smart Lock IP54 Waterproof BHMA/ANSI Grade 3 App/Fingerprint/Passcode Unlock

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Blackview SE60 Secure Every Day, Smart in Every Way Fingerprint Unlocks Daily, One-time Codes Always Ready Why Choose Blackview SE60? No.1...

Color: Black


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Categories: Accessories

Blackview SE60

Secure Every Day, Smart in Every Way

Fingerprint Unlocks Daily, One-time Codes Always Ready

Why Choose Blackview SE60?

No.1 Matches up to 99% of Doors with Round Holes

No.2 Elite Security with Top-Tier Quality

No.3 Highly Convenient with 5 Modes of Entry

No.4 Superior Ruggedness with IP54 Rain Resistance for Any Weather

No.5 Quick and Easy Setup and Take Down

No.1 Matches up to 99% of Doors with Round Holes

Door by Door, The Sure-Fit Explorer

Seamless Security, Key-Free Comfort

Compatible with Up to 99% of Round Hole Doors

Tailored for 99% of US residential round hole doors, SE60 smart lock seamlessly fits in homes, apartments, offices, and garages, providing users with unparalleled peace of mind and eliminating the hassle of carrying keys.

Homes Apartments Offices Garages

No.2 Elite Security with Top-Tier Quality

Hush-Hush Protection, Absolute Reliability

Embrace Timeless Elegance

Vintage Design

Built with a zinc alloy outer shell, SE60 smart lock is durable and dependable. Its antique bronze accents add a touch of vintage elegance, making it both versatile and practical, with low maintenance expenses.

& No Peeling
Built to last

Premium Strength, Maximum Security


With its durable zinc alloy outer shell, brass cylinder, and 304 stainless steel latch, SE60 is built to withstand substantial external impact and pressure, ensuring top-tier security protection while preserving the lock's appearance for years to come.

Zinc Alloy Shell

Higher Corrosion Resistance↑

Brass Cylinder

Improved Wear-resistance↑

304 Stainless Steel Latch

Superior Impact Resilience↑

Usage Test
72 Hours
Salt Spray Test
Appearance Pressure
144 Hours
Appearance Pressure Resistance
-4°F - 140°F
Temperature Test

Anti-Prying Door Design

When attempted forced entry occurs, SE60 is secured by an iron backing on the exterior side of the door, ensuring it's not easily compromised.

* Note: Door handle not include.

No.3 Highly Convenient with 5 Modes of Entry

Every Way, Your Way with Ease

Tap, Unlock, Welcome!

App Unlock

Thanks to Wireless BT 4.2, you can effortlessly unlock your door from within a 10-meter range using an app, even when you're tied up. It's a convenient way to grant access to visitors or couriers without stopping your current tasks.

Touch, Enter, Secure – Effortlessly

50 Set Fingerprint Quick Unlock

Step into a world where safety and simplicity coexist; SE60 redefines access control, recognizing your fingerprint with a simple touch, granting effortless entry to your home or office while enhancing security and eliminating the need for keys.

More Storage↑ 150%

Up to 50 Set

Higher Sensitivity↑

0.6s Unlock

More Stable↑

Accuracy: 99%

False Accept Rate↑








Privacy & Convenience at Your Fingertip

50 Set Passcode Unlock

By utilizing password access, you can set your preferred password and distribute it to family and friends with ease. The silicone buttons offer fingerprint-resistant security, ensuring the confidentiality of your password.

More Storage↑ 150%

Up to 50 Set

Fingerprint-resistant Silicone Buttons



Faster Response↑

Delete Passcodes via App


Anti-peep Passcode Protection

Improve password protection - entering random numbers to deter unauthorized access.

Anti-crack Passcode

Upon five failed attempts to enter an invalid password, the lock system of SE60 will deactivate for 90 seconds.




One-Time Codes for One-Time Needs

Offer a one-time code to your delivery person, repair service, or pet sitter. It's set to expire 5 minutes after creation, which is really practical.



Delivery person



Pet sitter

Spare Keys, Solid Security

Two Physical Backup Keys

In emergencies where fingerprint and password unlocking are unavailable, backup physical keys serve as an alternative solution, offering significant convenience and security. Additionally, backup keys can be duplicated by professional locksmiths.

*Note: Cannot be rekey.

Elderly unlocking

Battery depletion

Technical breakdown

Fire emergency

Unlock Your Day. One Touch Away

One-Tap Unlock/Lock

After a day's work or when preparing for the morning rush, all it takes is pressing the button behind the door to effortlessly unlock or lock, ensuring quick and convenient access.

Locking the Way, Brightening Your Day!

Auto Lock

Simplify your comings and goings with SE60's auto-lock, automatically engaging the lock within 10 to 99 seconds, ideal for those moments when you're overloaded or hurrying out.

Auto Lock

Activate auto-lock to banish the worry of leaving your door unlocked. In seconds, it's locked automatically, keeping your home safe and secure.

Stays Unlocked

For quick entries and exits, just switch off the auto-lock on SE60, and your door won't lock when you leave.

Privacy Always First

Advanced Encryption

With cutting-edge encryption technology, SE60 ensures top-notch privacy protection, guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of all your personal data.

Advanced Encryption Chipset↑


Boost Frequency


Hush-Hush Harmony

Silent Mode

In moments of rest at home during the evening or when silence is key, put your SE60 on silent mode, which ensures the door lock functions quietly, avoiding any disturbance to those around you.

* Note: Door handle not include.

No.4 Superior Ruggedness with IP54 Rain

Resistance for Any Weather

Bye-bye, Battery Woes!

Up to 10 Months of Usage Time

With 4 AA batteries, SE60 boasts a battery life of up to 10 months. Its easy-to-remove design also simplifies battery changes, making it a very handy choice.

* Battery are not Included. * Battery life results are based on 10 door open-and-close

Stay Aware, Recharge, Keep Secure

Emergency Unlock with Type-C Port

As the battery depletes, the app sends a notification. If it reaches a critical level where normal unlocking is impossible, the Type-C port provides emergency access. Using a portable charger, you can successfully unlock, ensuring your peace of mind.

Top-Tier Drill-proof Protection

Boasting a durable zinc alloy lock shell and a 304 stainless steel bolt, SE60 provides long-lasting durability and steadfast security.

Tough in Any Weather

No matter the weather, SE60 smart lock offers IP54 rain protection, ensuring ongoing security for your household.

All-Season Reliable

No matter if it's a freezing -4°F or a blistering 140°F, SE60 smart lock is designed to endure harsh temperatures, providing constant protection for your home.

Guarding You for Decades, Not Just Days

With 100,000 locking and unlocking tests conducted, SE60 proves its lasting efficiency over 20 years of operation.

No.5 Quick and Easy Setup and Take Down

Fit & Go. Effortless from Start to Finish!

Quick, Easy, Secure

Effortless Installation and Disassembly

Get your smart lock installed and operational in a snap - just 15 minutes, no pros needed.

Easy Setup in

15 Minutes

Easy Removal in

5 Minutes

Simple for Starters

* Note: Door handle not include.
Model Blackview SE60
Fingerprint 50 Set
Passcode 50 Set, 6-10 Digit
Dummy Passcode Support 16 Digital
One-time Code Yes
Local Administrator 3 Set
Battery 4*AA Batteries(Not Included)
Waterproof IP54
Auto Lock Yes
Low Battery Alarm Yes
Silent Mode Yes
Network Wireless BT4.2
Operating temperature -4°F to 140°F
Certification BHMA, FCC, ROHS