Best Tablets for Online Classes Students Studying Tablet for online learning

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Make Learning Online Easier.

Long Batter Life

Let children keep focusing at online classes.

With long-lasting battery life plus power-saving technology, you do not need to charge the device frequently, this can make your child more attentive when study online. And children can interact with their teacher online, such as answering questions, reading poems, and online debates, etc., do not worry about the loss of power.


Clear Sound Quality

Hear every word the teacher said clearly.

Get an immersive experience via great loudspeakers. Long distance learning not only requires a good network environment and good viewing experience, but also requires a good sound transmission. When students can't hear what the teacher is saying, it will greatly reduce the study efficiency.


Good Viewing Experience

With 10 inches HD big screens in Blackview tablets.

The display screen come with 10 inches size, which is the best size for watching. These best tablets with high definition screen is good for eyes when learning online. Students are able to view clear pictures in a stable SIM or wifi network environment. With 1080p 30fps video transmission rate, provide smooth online video experience. The suggested models are like Tab 8, Tab 9, and OSCAL Pad 8.



With best budget among all same level products.

As the strength manufacturer and supplier, Blackview tablet meet the needs of most families with limited budget, with cheap price and good quality, make it durable. You do not need to spend huge budget on Apple iPad or Samsung pad anymore. So, what are the features of Blackview products? Let's dive in.


Enough Storage

Support up to 128 GB TF card.

Students need to take notes while learning online, this requires the device with enough storage space. Blackview products come with 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB version, and with an TF card slot which support up to 128GB storage -- It is equivalent to a 128GB laptop. Besides, the new model like Blackview Tab 11 is equipped with 128GB ROM.


Slim Study Pad

Reduce the 'burden' of study.

With light and thin, and smooth running, children are able to finish various homework in a short time. And enjoy their entertainment time after class, like playing puzzle games. This is the good balance for learning and playing. Besides, it comes with a leather case, which can be used as holder while learning online.


Using As Study Laptop

Just need a matching external keyboard.

How to transform to a study laptop? Blackview pads come with matching detachable keyboard, they are listed in the accessories' category. For those need a docking keyboard, only need to pay tens of dollars to buy the accessory.


Kids Study Pad

Blackview Tab 6 kids is ready for you.

Blackview Tab 6 kids is the first children pad from Blackview, with cute and rugged rubber protect case, provides it drop proof ability. With built-in puzzle game APP -- ikids, improve children's interest in learning. With built-in parental control function, let your children enjoy both study and entertainment.



Other features benefit for study.

Blackview OS comes with some useful features which are benefit for learning, like eye protection mode, split screen mode, etc. And more are waiting for you to discover.


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