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The good but cheap China electronics Blackview has created. Are you looking for the best touch screen tablet at low budget in the market, and buy it for education purpose? Then you are in the right place.

No matter you are the teacher, university professor, parent, or other education roles, Blackview pad meets your needs well. In addition to come with trendy and light and thin body, Blackview pad also provides smooth experience and long-lasting battery life.

Support such as online video and taking notes, with stable wifi or cellular network connection, whatever teaching online or in the school, it is very easy to start your education work. It's portable and takes up less space of your bag.

It's not the best tablet in the world, but the best low budget device for education purpose, and the best low budget alternative of iPad, Samsung pad, Huawei pad and more. Combing portable, powerful, long battery life, and easy to use in one.

For drawing requires, Blackview Tab 10 Pro will be your best option, write, draw or doodle naturally and smoothly like with a pencil on paper. For basic use, just choosing any one in our store.

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