Economic work tablet with pen and fashion and light & thin

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Blackview Tab 10 Pro

Tab 10 Pro 8+128GB

Note: The Tab 10 Pro on sale in our store is not with pen, please inquire us for the with pen version, inquire email:

Fashion, simple, and light and thin, long-lasting battery life, fast charging, Widevine L1, high productivity, combine both office and entertainment.

High productivity is considered first, never interrupt your passion of working. With smooth experience, to ensure the device has enough processing power for most tasks.

With widevine L1, allows the streaming of 1080p or higher definition content for cinematic viewing experiences. It is the best tablet for work and play with affordable price you can find in the market.

Throw in a massive battery plus Power Saving technology to ensure the device lasts longer, the 30W fast charge quickly replenish power at any time.

With BV pencil, write, drawing or doodle naturally and smoothly like with a pencil on paper, provides good writing experience. Thus, it is also the best cheap drawing tablet for beginners with pen.

Enjoy a smooth and clear online meeting experience on the best tablet for Zoom, thanks to equipped with good front and rear camera combination.

As trendy and slim as iPad, takes up less space of your bag, it's portable and elegant. It is the best low budget substitute of iPad, Samsung, Xiaomi Pad 5, and Huawei pad, which combine both office and entertainment.

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