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The best device for basic tasks, such as checking email, browsing the web, listening to music, and streaming videos. Meet the needs of different people, such as students, business professionals, travelers, home users and more.

With slim and trendy design, make you pleasing to the eye. Sensitive and smooth touch, let you use it in pleasure.

What is a Wi-Fi only tablet

A Wi-Fi only tablet is a tablet computer that can only connect to the internet through a Wi-Fi network. It does not have a cellular modem, so it cannot connect to the internet using cellular data. This means that you can only use it in areas where there is a Wi-Fi network available.

Wi-Fi only tablets are typically less expensive than tablets with cellular data. They are also more portable and slimmer, as they do not have a cellular modem that takes up space and battery life. However, these tablets can be more limited in their functionality, as they cannot be used in areas where there is no Wi-Fi.

Blackview pad meets the needs of different people:

  • Students can use it to take notes, do research, and stay connected with classmates and professors.
  • Business professionals can use it to check email, create presentations, and work on projects.
  • Travelers can use it to stay connected while on the go, without having to worry about data charges.
  • Home users can use it to stream movies and TV shows, play games, and surf the web.

Get Started

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