Android 12 tablets

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Blackview pad features trendy, simple, and light and slim design, good performance and long-lasting battery life, what's more, with very affordable price that those who have limited budgets are able to afford it.

Meet Blackview featured tablets. Blackview Tab 15 adopts 7.3 mm ultra-thin thickness design, throw in a 10.5-inch 1200*1920px FHD+ resolution large in-cell display, plus 16:10 aspect ratio, provides extreme holding and viewing experience. The 8280 mAh massive battery provides longer-lasting battery life, with 18W fast charge to refuel the battery faster. Unisoc Octa-core processor plus 8GB RAM memory and the latest Android ensure the device has enough processing power for most tasks. Support Widevine L1, enables 1080p ultra-clear video enjoyment to be possible at your palms. With built-in PC Mode, provides comfortable office experience, it allows you to get some proper work on it.

Blackview OSCAL Pad 10 is one of the best budget Widevine L1 tablets in the market. In terms of performance, equipped with Octa-core processor plus 8GB RAM memory, provides smooth experience. Pad 10 adopts classic 10.1-inch display design, equipped with 13.0MP+8.0MP cameras, its 6580 mAh battery provides 4 hrs for watching video, 6 hrs for web browsing, 15 hrs for listen to music, or 20 hrs for calling. More features are waiting for you to discover.

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