Blackview R7 Pro IP68 Waterproof Fitness Smart Watch

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Enjoy Every Extreme Challenge

Ruggedness against Water, Drops and Dust

IP68 Water- & Dust-proof

Play in Water, Unconcerned

R7 Pro is ready all the time to join you at the beach or in the gym. Splash- and water- and sweat-proof as it is ,
R7 Pro can withstand water immersion 1.5 meters below water surface for up to 30 minutes.

Metal Body & Corning Glass

Let Time Elapse Elegantly

1.28'' LCD display is paired seamlessly with zinc alloy frame with vacuum plating and stainless buttons to reveal a refined sense of delicacy. The 2.5 D screen makes every tap delighted and smooth. With skin-friendly rubber back and Corning Glass, R7 Pro ensures the lightest wearable joy and outstanding anti-drop.

Abundant Watch Faces

Try Different Fashions on the Wrist

How much fun would be lost if you can’t change your everyday look on the wrist? R7 Pro would never pass up every chance to make you look on your best with the help of its various and customized watch faces.

Keep Track of Sport

9 Workout Modes

Explore Your Rhythm in Exercise

Curious about how to improve your workout efficiency and discover your potential in exercising? R7 Pro is here to help by keeping track of your real-time miles, calories and heart rate when you are running, walking, cycling, rowing or more.

Care about Your Health

    • Keep Track of Sleep Pattern

      A Sound Night's Sleep

      Eager for a high-quality night sleep without waking up often in the middle of the night? Give R7 Pro a try! It can record the hours of different sleep patterns, which in turn enables you to know your bed time routine better so as to improve sleep quality.

    • Heart Rate Monitoring

      Know Yourself
      Better By Heart

      With improved VC32 heart rate sensor, R7 Pro now can send intelligent reminder to you if your heart rate goes above normal levels, whether you have just met your love at first sight or are having a heart attack.

    • Sedentary Reminder

      More Active Hours, More Robust Body

      Have you been feeling uncomfortable due to sedentary life style day after day? Lack the motivation to stand up? R7 Pro presents timely alert to tell you when to stand up and stretch your body more to alleviate your muscle soreness and stiff back.

Embark on a Joyful Journey

    • Music Playback

      Dulcet Music
      Anywhere You Go

      R7 Pro supports music playback from the wrist. Listen to music even when you are running or skating without worrying about electrical devices dropped out of your pocket. 128MB FLASH is offered for music storage.

    • Messages and Calls Notification

      Keep You Updated

      Too occupied to notice incoming calls or check your messages from smartphone when you are outdoors? With ringtone and vibrating alerts from R7 Pro on the wrist, you would never miss any important moments by answering calls or reading messages with R7 Pro.

    • Alternative to a Selfie Stick

      Shake Your Wrist,
      Take a Picture

      Always feel embarrassed to ask for help when you want to take a selfie in a place of interest? R7 Pro is your handy selfie stick by connecting itself with your smartphone camera. Simply shake your wrist and you can have any nice selfies without help from others.

Calls Making & Receiving

A light Tap to Start
Your Conversation

Without taking your smartphone out of your pocket or bag, R7 Pro allows you to receive or make your calls with a simple tap. You would find it particularly helpful when your hands are full.

More to Be Explored

    • Weather Forecast

      Sunny or Rainy,
      Today or Tomorrow

      R7 Pro lets you know when to bring your umbrella or raincoat with you outdoors. Providing real-time weather forecast today or tomorrow, R7 Pro allows you to protect yourself from heavy rain or scorching sunlight.

    • Brightness Adjustment

      Nothing in the Way

      Hard to see the screen under bright sunlight? R7 Pro always presents itself clearly no matter what! Enjoy the tuning of screen brightness for your comfortable sight of time with R7 Pro.

    • 23-language Support

      No Matter
      Where You Are from

      Localize R7 Pro easily with 23-language support. No matter where you from, you can read the content in R7 Pro effortlessly.

280mAh Battery

Better Endurance,
More Interaction

R7 Pro lasts longer than it is normally expected. With 280mAh large battery, a single charge would provide R7 Pro with enough juice to run for days.

Typical Use: 7-10 Days
Standby: >30 Days

Blackview R7 Pro

  • Dimension


  • Weight


  • Color

    Black watch + Black strap

  • CPU

    Goodix GR5515

  • Screen Size

    1.28 inches

  • Resolution

    240*240 pixel

  • Battery

    Standby: >30 days
    Typical Use: 7-10days

  • Bluetooth


  • Language

    English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese.